When is the best time of year to travel to Georgia?
You can visit Georgia anytime throughout the year! There is no single best peak-season to visit Georgia. Although different times of year may be better suited to your particular interests. If you’re looking for a chill summer, yes, you can have fun in Georgia, where season between June and August is sunniest and most pleasant. The west coast areas with its balmy weather offers you numerous concerts and outdoor activities…Winter is an amazing time for skiing and ice climbing. Caucasus Mountains gives you unforgettable memories and creates magic moments of your life. Springtime in Georgia with its freshness, soft green leaves and flowers tempting smells takes your breath away. Days become longer and weather gets warm. Warm spring morning makes the perfect spot to go for hiking in the Great Caucasus Mountains… As far as Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing country in Europe grape harvesting is essentially important for Georgians, so if you visit Georgia during the autumn make sure to participate in “Rtveli” (harvest) accompanied by colorful celebrations and musical performances. It will be an experience you will never forget!
Is it safe to travel to Georgia?
Georgia is one of the safest country in Europe. Local people are very hospitable, nice and helpful. There are many policeman regularly patrolling the streets, and even it is safe for women to walk alone at night. However, traveling abroad can always involve risks, so you have to take normal precautions while traveling Georgia as well. There is a couple of factors to keep in mind. For example: do not expect that cars will stop at intersections, because the way people drive in Georgia is really mad. So stay safe and be careful when crossing the streets. Also be aware that exchange rates change every second throughout the day and night. The rate moves up and down. So before changing money, check out at least two/three money changers as the difference in rates between one and another can be significant. Some of them do charge commission as well.
Can I drink water straight from the tap in Georgia or I need to buy bottled water?
Tap water is safe to drink everywhere in Georgia.
Is free Wi-Fi available in Georgia?
Free Wi-Fi network – called “Tbilisi loves you” - is available in some of the central parts of Tbilisi. Almost all hotels, cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi service to their customers throughout Georgia. DSL is available from Caucasus Online and Silknet.
Which mobile operators work in Georgia?
There are three operators in Georgia: Magti, Geocell and Beeline. You can get SIM cards for free at Tbilisi International Airport.
Can I use my mobile phone in Georgia?
Just activate global roaming and go ahead.
Which credit cards are accepted in Georgia?
VISA and MasterCard are accepted almost everywhere in Georgia. In Tbilisi and other big cities accept payment in cash or by credit cards. But it’s better if you keep your cash with you as well, as far as taxi never accept cards and in the country-side might be no banking services and ATMs available.
Is there any dress-code rules in Georgia we should follow?
There is no general dress-code in Georgia. But while visiting religious places women should have their head and arms covered. Man are also required to cover their legs to show respect to tradition and religion of the country.
What essential documents do I need to take?
Your current passport and visa (if it is required), travel insurance, flight ticket, photocopies of important documents, student/senior cards for travel discounts.
Do I need a travel insurance in Georgia?
Travel insurance is compulsory while visiting Georgia.