Tusheti National Park and Protected Landscape
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overviewThe Tusheti Protected Areas are located in Akhmeta district in the north-east of Georgia. It is one of the most ecologically unspoiled regions in the Caucasus offering incredible views of untouched nature with its unique ancient villages and stone towers. The villages are located at the height from 1900 till 2400 meters above sea level and there is only one drivable road to get there by passing over the Abano Pass at an altitude of 2,850 metres. The road is only open during the summer (May/June-October) and it can be reached with two bridge vehicles of the off-road capability.
Traditionally, The Tushs are sheep herders. The local shepherds spend the summer in the hignland areas of Tusheti, but live in the lowland villages of Zemo Alvani and Kvemo Alvani in wintertime. There are sheep farms alongside our trail, where you can get an idea about their livelihood. It is possible to get involved in the process of making unique Tushetian cheese and learn about domestic animals bred by using local selection process, such as: Thushetian sheep, Tushetian Horse and shepherd dog.
Option 1: Dartlo-Kvavlo Trail
Duration: 2 days
Route length: 25 km.
Main activities: Pedestrian and horse riding
Difficulty: average
Main attractions: Village Zemo Omalo, Village Dartlo, Dartlo Sabcheo (traditional court), fortress of Kvavlo
Overnight in tourist shelters: at guesthouses in Village Dartlo
Option 2: Dackuekhi Trail
Duration: 6 days
Route length: 73 km.
Main activities: Pedestrian and horse riding
Difficulty: difficult
Main attractions: Beautifull remote villages of Tusheti, medieval fortresses, picturesque landscapes of Pirikita Gorge and Atsunta Overpass, Habitat of East Caucasian Tur, Diversity of birds, Pirikita Khevsureti and Mutso and Shatili – the remote villages with its outstanding and unique example of fortress architecture, located on the north slopes of the Great Caucasus
Overnight in tourist shelters: at guesthouses and tents

• Meet and assist at Tbilisi International Airport;
• Transfer from Tbilisi International Airport to Tusheti National Park and back;
• Overnight stay in tourist shelters;
• Tent;
• Guide service;
• Horse service;
• Sleeping bag;
• Backpack;
• Binocular

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